PES 2017 Full BIG Kitpack Season 2021-2022

PES 2017 Full BIG Kitpack Season 2021-2022 (Final X2)

Kitpack Season 2021/2022 For PES 2017

List of Kits:

  • Real Madrid (Home, Away, Third, GK), Barcelona (Home, Away, Third, 4Th, GK), Juventus (Home, Away, Third, GK), Paris Saint-Germain (Home, Away, Third, 4Th, GK), Liverpool (Home, Away, Third, GK), Chelsea (Home, Away, Third, GK), Arsenal  (Home, Away, Third, GK), Bayern M√ľnchen (Home, Away, Third, GK), Inter Milan (Home, Away, Third, 4Th, GK), AC Milan (Home, Away, Third, GK), Ajx (Home, Away, Third), Tottenham Hotspur (Home, Away, Third, GK), Palmeiras‏ (Home, Away, Third), Manchester United (Home, Away, Third, GK), Newcastle United (Home, Away, Third, GK), Borussia Dortmund (Home, Away, Third, GK), Boca Juniors (Home, Third), Atletico de Madrid (Home, Away, Third, GK), Olympique Lyonnais (Home, Away), Southampton (Home, Away, Third), Galatasaray (Home, Away, Third), Manchester City(Home, Away, Third, GK), Roma (Home, Away, Third, GK), Gremio (Home), Leicester City(Home, Away, Third, GK), Leeds United( Home, Away, GK), Olympique de Marseille (Home, Away, Third, GK), Corinthians (Home), Leipzig (Home, Away,Third , GK), Everton (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK), Borussia M?nchengladbach (Home, Away, Third, GK), Feyenoord (Away), Brighton (Home, GK), Stoke City (Home), Celtic (Home, Away, Third, GK), Wolverhampton (Home, Away, GK), Hoffenheim (Home), Nottingham Forest(Home), Athletic de Bilbao(Home, Away), Huesca (Home), River Plate (Home, Away), Sao Paulo (Home, Away, Third, GK), Santos (Home, Away), Fenerbahce (Home), Lokomotiv Moscow (GK), Porto‏ (Home, Away, Third, GK), Parma (GK), Birmingham City, Huddersfield (Home), Bielefeld Arminia (Home, Away, Third), Stuttgart (Home), Eindhoven(Home, Away), Benfica(Home, Away, Third), Hertha (Home), Hellas Verona (Home), Atlanta(Home, Away), Monaco (Home), Sevilla (Home, Away, Third, GK), Villarreal (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK), Getafe (Home, Away), Shakhtar Donetsk (Home, Away, Third, GK), Behikta?(Home), West Ham United (Home, Away, Third, GK), West Bromwich (Home, Away, Third), Nantes (Home), Valencia (Home, Away, Third, GK), Brighton (Home, Away, GK), Middlesbrough (Home, Away, GK), Derby County (Home), Eintracht Frankfurt (Home, Away, Third, GK), Burnley (Home, Away, GK), Brentford (Home, Away, GK), Millwall (Home), Crystal Palace (Home, Away, Third, GK), Fiorentina (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK), Bordeaux (Home, Away, Third, GK), Real Betis (Home, Away, Third, GK) , Saint-Etienne (Home, Away, Third) , Fulham (Home, Away, GK), Wolfsburg (Home, Away, Third, GK), Watford (Home, Away, GK), Norwich city (Home, Away, Third, GK), Empoli  (Home, Away, Third, 4Th, GK), Bologna  (Home, Away, Third, 4Th, GK), Genoa (Home, Away, Third, 4Th, GK), Venezia (Home, Away, Third, 4Th, GK), Lazio (Home, Away, Third, 4Th), Sassuolo (Home, Away, GK), Cagliari (Home, Away, Third, GK), Sporting Braga‏ (Home, Away, GK)


* Compatible with All Patches
* Update a lot of previous kits
* Update font and number UCL 21-22 
* Fix All UniColor kits
* Fix all problems previous- Work And Fix UCL 21-22 
* All Kits Small Size 180 MB only After Compressing

How to Install?

  • Download & Extract files
  • Copy CPK file to the "download" folder where your PES 2017 game is installed
  • Then generate the DpFileList.bin file with DpFileList Generator by Baris
  • Open & Play PES 2017


Credits & Thanks to:

  • EsLaM
  • Aykovic 10
  • Mahdeaw
  • Eder Mello
  • Dmitry
  • Best PES kits
  • Moment_5013
  • spider1358
  • chris_fifo
  • Mi67
  • Gonzo1983
  • LeoDigital21
  • Marwal_Pes
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