PES 2021 eFootball 2022 Scoreboard

PES 2021 eFootball 2022 Scoreboard

Scoreboard eFootball 2022 For PES 2021


  • Bigger scoreboard like eFootball scoreboard
  • Pause Menu, new color for the icon menu highlight changed
  • With Replay Wipe New eFootball
  • Update All board stats (2 Texture for stats, Booked & Sent Off and Live Goal team logo)
  • Big Score (because the boundary by the surface shape is now hidden/altered)
  • Small Score, Replay card, Result team like eFootball 2022
  • Highlight, PK scoreboard its modification themes

Tournament ID:

  • 65535 (Exhibition Mode)
  • 0 (Exhibition Mode via Manual Selection)


How to Install?

  • To set up your scoreboards in the scoreboard server place the No Logo folder in
  • scoreboard-server folder and add the following line to your map_competitions.txt file
  • located in the scoreboard server folder

# eFootball 2022
0, No Logo

  • Use sider manual selection to use this scoreboard

Credits & Thanks to:

  • Afandix, Spursfan18, Juce, Nesa24, Zlac, Shawminator, eskpist
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