PES 2021 VAR Entrance Scene

PES 2021 VAR Cut Escene Beta

VAR Entrance Scene For PES 2021

Compatible with all patches
This is a beta version of the mod, there will be updates


Installation SIDER Version:

  • There are two ways to install it in the sider version, you can place the folder next to the files in the livecpk
  • You can also and it is the way that I recommend placing the common folder inside each stadium folder on the stadium server in which you want the var scene to appear

Installation CPK Version:

  • Place the * .cpk file inside the download folder and generate it with the DP list generator and although this is not the recommended way that does not mean that the mod-beta does not work.

Credits & Thanks to : Jostike Games

Frequent questions: 

1-why is it a beta version?

because I used the same 3d model of the room var as for the test versions while developing this "mod"
also, this was not the original idea, the mod would come with a module and different rooms depending on the league

2-does it contains errors?

Yes, but they are not serious or game crashing, the mod has problems if it is installed only in the Allianz Arena, the original tunnel will not come out also on occasions where a derby is played and depending on the stadium, they may experience two repeated scenes

3-why are there times when the scene appears and other times not?

this usually happens when playing an ML that the game does not read the full input table, However, this does not present any type of problem, simply that sometimes it will appear and other times it will not.

4-is it shareable with my patch?

it is compatible with all patches that do not contain a mod that uses the table_ent.bin file 5-does it works with aerial views by Jsotike Games? it does not work but that does not mean that you can not install it., it means that when you play a game in which an aerial view of my auditorium comes out, the var scene will not appear
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