eFootball PES 2021 Slot Creator V4

PES 2021 Slot Creator V4 For PES 2021

Changelogs : -Updated to Exe 1 .7. 1. 0 version

Tournaments list

Master League
Become a Legend
Position Replays Gallery

Pay Attention

- Get a backup of your file pes2021.exe
- If pes2021.exe is read-only, it will not work
- slot values range from 1 to 65535 (1 and 65535 included)
- Values greater than 20 for example created as ML00000015
- Get a backup of your file Career files


- Always backup your exe.
- Tool is using JavaScript Obfuscator Tool to protect the code. If your antivirus detect the file, it's false detection.

Credits & Thanks to:

  • Devil Cold52 Production
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