eFootball 2022 File Loader 0.0.2

eFootball 2022 File Loader [0.0.2]

Juce & Nesa24 has recently released the first public version (Test version 0.0.2) of the eFootball File Loader, a simple tool that allows you to load files from outside the game, that is, you can add different mods to the game, but at the moment file loader doesn't have a structure for a lot of things.

File Loader [0.0.2] eFootball 2022
File Loader for eFootball22
Test version 0.0.2
Support by Donating Paypal: nesa24casa2@gmail.com

How to Install?

1.Copy folders to your game folder Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball\
2.RunGame and you should have

custom intro movie [ random old one ] And Gamma changed from 4 to 1

Credits & Thanks to : juce & nesa24
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