PES 2021 Gameplay Unreal Freedom Football

PES 2021 Gameplay Unreal Freedom Football

Gameplay Unreal Freedom Football PES 2021


-Improved positioning of players in the attack, they better find free space and open up. You can now more often run into counterattacks.
-Dribbling has improved (Explosive Dribbling). The change in the pace of movement while dribbling is even more important.


-The game of goalkeepers is balanced and smart.
-Defenders cover zones better without giving a lot of free space.
-The gameplay is generally more diverse, and the processor is more humane.
-Balance of errors in passes and shots.
-The physics of the ball has also been changed.
-There are some minor animation changes.
-This is an amazing freedom. The ball is less attached to the players

How to Install?

1. Go to ...Steam/Steamapps/common/eFootball PES 2021 and make a backup copy of your PES2021.exe
2. Extract and copy the PES2021.exe file to ...Steam/Steamapps/common/eFootball PES 2021

Notes: Use only with original dt18.

IMPORTANT: This Gameplay MOD will replace the PES2021.exe file; we strongly recommend that you create a backup before making any changes

Credits & Thanks to : Alex
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