PES 2021 Premier League 30 Anniversary Scoreboard

PES 2021 Premier League 30 Anniversary Scoreboard

Premier League 30 Anniversary Scoreboard For PES 2021

Spursfan18 has published the EPL (Premier League) 30th-anniversary scoreboard made for eFootball PES 2021. There are 14 different TV logos in total, each with an alternative version. To assist with setting it up on the scoreboard server, a ReadMe file is included, or follow the instructions below

How to Install?

1. To set up your scoreboards in the scoreboard server place the EPL30 folder in theBscoreboard-server folder and use these lines in your map_competitions.txt file located in the scoreboard server folder.
2. To use all the scoreboards and have them randomly chosen when you play a premier league game or competition copy this:

17, EPL30\beIN Sports

17, EPL30\beIN Sports Alt

17, EPL30\Canal+ Sports

17, EPL30\Canal+ Sports Alt

17, EPL30\DAZN

17, EPL30\DAZN Alt

17, EPL30\Direc TV

17, EPL30\Direc TV Alt

17, EPL30\ESPN 2

17, EPL30\ESPN 2 Alt

17, EPL30\Eurosport

17, EPL30\Eurosport Alt

17, EPL30\Mola TV

17, EPL30\Mola TV Alt

17, EPL30\Movistar

17, EPL30\Movistar Alt

17, EPL30\Okko

17, EPL30\Okko Alt

17, EPL30\RMC Sport

17, EPL30\RMC Sport Alt

17, EPL30\Ziggo Sport

17, EPL30\Ziggo Sport Alt

17, EPL30\No Logo

17, EPL30\No Logo Alt

17, EPL30\No Logo with Watermark

17, EPL30\No Logo with Watermark Alt

3. To use just one of the scoreboards delete the lines above that you don't want or just put # in front of the scoreboards you don't want to appear like below:

17, EPL30\beIN Sports

#17, EPL30\beIN Sports Alt

#17, EPL30\Canal+ Sports

Credits & Thanks to : spursfan18
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